Product Review: Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter

Product: Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter
Rating: 3.5/5.0
Buy Again? Probably in the summer

I bought the Sweet Citrus option for this product. It’s a nice body butter. Let’s start off with the positives. It’s scent is quite subtle and pleasant. The feel is rich, and while it does feel greasy when applying, the butter actually absorbs quite quickly. I used it over the summer and I haven’t been noticing my dry patches as much. There’s something about this butter that applies very smoothly. My hands don’t feel sticky or greasy at all. I can shower, apply this body butter, and crawl under the covers without feeling humid or sticky. I’ve stopped using it since I came back to St Louis, though, because it’s too weak. My eczema spots are quite rough and while the butter soothes it for a bit, it does not provide long lasting hydration.

I use different moisturizers for winter and summer. Back in California, I didn’t need to do this, but St Louis’s harsh winters forced me to buy a stronger moisturizer. I tried Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, and it was nice, but it wasn’t as effective, either. I will be trying the Creme de Corps Body Butter though. Through trial and error, I’ve found that body butters are a lot more effective than lotions for harsh weather conditions.

Lotions and butters are very different. Lotions are essentially oil and water bound by an emulsifier, whereas body butter will usually include shea butter and two or more other oils. There are multiple ways to process body butter resulting in various effects in greasiness, smoothness, and moisturizing capabilities. Body butters are said to heal dry skin and moisturize at a deeper level. Lotions are said to be more of an additive layer, to add another layer of moisture. Of course, as I mention in every post, everyone’s skin is different, so try things out and see what works for you. Personally I’ve tried lotions that were more effective than some body butters I’ve had, and vice versa. It really depends on how your skin handles the product.

In this particular whipped body butter, the main ingredients are shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, and white tea extract. As you can see from the title, argan oil is the star oil that the product is based on. Argan oil is believed to contain vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It boasts effectiveness in dehydration, inflammation, and hyper pigmentation. It seems the be the new oil of the year. I purchased a little bottle of argan oil and for awhile, I mixed a couple of drops in my face creams at night and added a couple drops through my hair after showering. It worked pretty well – my hair felt great! It added a layer of sheen and seemed to help prevent more split ends. My skin also felt better – not as noticeable as the hair, but better. However, I digress.

I like this product. I’m going to buy this again for the summer. For now, though, I need to find another effective lotion. This body butter isn’t long lasting enough for my skin during the winter.


  1. Hi Betty,

    I tried the Kiehl’s whipped creme de corps out of desperation. I had exhaustive tests with the dermatologist, my primary care doctor, an endocronologist. I was using some topical steroids, I changed my diet, laundry habits, and had eczema cover my body from my neck to toes.

    Between the whipped creme de corps and working on my stress levels, I’ve been able to control the eczema for the last couple of years to just a couple of areas (inner elbows & a knuckle). I use the whipped creme de corps twice a day all over, and sometimes more often depending on the dryness of the season (winters in NYC are brutal for the skin). I’m at the point where neosporin eczema anti-itch gets me through my itchy moments.

    Good luck!!

    • mayu07 said:

      That’s really great to hear you’ve got it under control! I haven’t tried to Neosporin eczema anti-itch – is it effective for you?

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