Everyday Tips For Controlling Eczema

Maintaining control of your eczema isn’t limited to which products you use. Habits such as diets, clothing, and general hygiene can also contribute to flare-ups of eczema. Over the years, I’ve discovered some tips that helped alleviate eczema patches.

1) Food: eat healthy. This goes without saying, but I’ll put it down in words. This is not as specific to eczema, but for skincare in general. Greasy foods such as chips, hamburgers, fries, fried chicken, etc.. will affect your skin. I can only attest to my skin type (dry): when I eat greasy unhealthy foods, I tend to breakout and my skin gets even drier! Whenever I indulge in a hamburger or extremely cheesy foods, I notice more itching and more acne.

2) Drink LOTS of water. This is another “of course!” tip. I think anyone who is interested in maintaining their skin’s health understand how important this is. Drink lots and lots of water.

3) Allergies: Stay away from foods or products that contain the substance you are allergic to. I learned this the hard way. That experience made me doubly aware of ingredients of foods or products.

4) Remove sources of skin irritation: take lukewarm showers. Don’t blast yourself with steaming hot water (as good as that may feel). Instead, treat your skin gently with hypoallergenic soap, lukewarm water, and a gentle exfoliant. Instead of scrubbing your skin to dry off, use a towel and pat dry. Wear soft materials and avoid scratchy ones. I have a fabulous knit sweater that I can’t wear anymore because the material irritates my skin too much.

5) Avoid sudden changes in temperature. I didn’t figure this out until I spent a summer interning in Shanghai. The numerous thresholds of humidity versus heavily air conditioned environments wrecked havoc on my skin.

6) Trim your nails constantly. At least for me, itching has become second nature. My fiancé constantly points it out and forces me to be aware of what I’m doing. One way I cope with this is to keep my nails short. I also play the harp, so that forces me to keep them short as well!!!

7) This is personal and beauty-product related… but this has been such a help that I have to put this on. To cope with facial eczema, use Clarisonic! Using it consistently for the past 3 years made a tremendous and visible improvement on my skin. I don’t feel the need to scrub my face anymore. Clarisonic is gentle and thorough in cleansing my skin.



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