Product Review: REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk

Product: REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk
Buy again? 

I don’t even remember how I chanced upon this product. I think I Eva Chen mentioned it in one of her answers about sensitive skin. Anyways, I do not regret it at all and will be purchasing it again.

When I knew nothing about skincare (I used body lotion as face lotion!!), and I started developing rashes on my cheeks, I refused to clean my skin further than a quick rinse with cold water. I was scared to use a cleanser, because when I did, it stung. As a freshman in college, I was bogged down with studio work and adjusting to college. Stress plus lack of sleep resulted in pretty severe eczema flares on my cheeks. It was unpleasant, and oftentimes when I took a quick nap, I’d slice up some cucumber slices and put them on, or douse a face towel with cold water and just rest with it covering my face.

When I started researching on how to treat eczema, I didn’t find much specifically related to eczema on the face. However, I did find general skincare tips. One was the importance of washing up every night and morning – to get rid of all the dirt and pollution that might be clogging your pores. Exfoliating removes the dry skin cells on your face so that you can access newer skin cells. After cleaning, your face will be ready for the serums and creams to hydrate and moisturize.

I’ve gone through many different cleansers. I’ve tried Lancôme’s Crème Mousse Confort, Kiehl’s Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser, and more. With those, my skin would still feel dry and tight. They were easy to apply and soothing while cleansing with the Clarisonic Mia, but afterwards, my skin would be a bit pink. When eczema flares on my cheeks, I would wince to even use it, but what can I do? I need to clean my skin. They’re still pretty gentle, but my extra sensitive skin didn’t respond well to them.

I decided to try REN Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk. It is milky, smooth, and soothing. While cleansing with the Mia, it applies very quickly. After rinsing (always gently with lukewarm water), my skin feels great! There’s no tightness at all. My skin feels light and comfortable. I actually look forward to cleaning my face every morning and night! After a couple of weeks, I could see the improvement in my skin. Less red blotchy spots!

No parabens or sulfates! REN has a whole line of products catered towards sensitive skin. I’m excited to try them out.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician or a skincare expert. Everyone’s skin is unique – try different products out and see what works. Always look for gentle, mild, or sensitive labels if you are prone to dryness or eczema.

  1. Hi, just want to say that I was in the same situation like you. i love ren’s products, especially their cleansing milk. You can visit by blog, I write about natural and ecological skincare. Take Care now :kr

  2. Kisa said:


    I’m just looking for some advice on which Clarisonic brush head you use? I’ve heard fab things about it, but I don’t want to invest in one if there isn’t a suitable brush for my eczema-prone skin. Is it the delicate one?


    • mayu07 said:

      Hi Kisa,

      Sorry for the late response – I’ve been in Europe for the past two weeks, and internet was rather limited where I stayed. I’m glad you asked this question. I’ve been experimenting with the delicate and sensitive brush heads, and I definitely prefer the delicate. It’s gentle and I have not noticed any redness or irritation at all. With the sensitive, I mostly have no problem, but the feel of the delicate brush head on my skin is much more soothing, so I usually try to get the delicate one.

      Hope that helps!

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